Is there anything worse than a patch of dry, flakey, crusty skin? Of course there is, and thats a patch of dry, flakey...crusty skin with makeup over it! You might think I'm over reacting but, this is literally the bane of my existence. 

Anything from not drinking enough water to sitting in an air conditioned room can do this to my skin. This is my skin, kids. Don't be jealous!  After skincare, using the right cosmetic products to help prime your skin are crucial.

These are the primers my dry skin reacts well to. They keep my foundation looking great and feeling comfortable.




Did you know that oily skin types can be dehydrated too? This oil-free base is perfect for oily skin types as well. It comforts the skin, without leaving you looking like a giant grease ball. The Shea Butter in this products nourishes and hydrates tried and dull skin. I can honestly recommend this product to nearly every skin-type that can help with almost any skin concern, such as fine lines and dullness. I adore the fragrance of this primer, Its a light and airy citrus scent, that's easy on the nose .
If you are worried fine lines, this product contains Carrot Extract and Vitamin-A Complex help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. There is also Vitamins C and E to pick up tired skin and also help protect against environmental damage. 



I've used this primer way too many times over on my YouTube channel. Too Faced's Hangover Replenishing Face Primer is a lightweight all in one face primer that nourishes, brightens and hydrates the skin.

This primer feels like a hybrid between a gel and serum that melts into he skin for easy, glide on makeup application. It's not one of those hydrating primers that doesn't leave your skin feeling heavy and looking shiny.
Like it's name suggests, its a great skin cheat that looks dewy and gives the skin a healthy appearance.



Most Hydrating primers are actually oil-free to include oily-combination skin types. This is one of those face primers that keeps on giving. Not only do you feel your skin's thirst quenched, it continues to keep your skin over time to help with makeup longevity and to keep it feeling comfortable all day long.   
A key ingredient use is based on Hyaluronic acid, which is a skin saver, helping the skin retain more water.


This primer was  the very first primer I started using and I have repurchased it time, and time again. This primer is suitable for both mature skin and young skin, specifically targeted to drier skin types. It goes beyond hydrating and nourishing the skin. It also smooths out the skin, giving foundation a more even finish. Just like the hang over primer, if feels like a mix between a serum and gel and helped foundation glide on seamlessly and also look more polished. 



You're probably looking at the "28" thinking...why 28?
There are 28 key ingredients which makeup this gorgeous primer. This includes 14 essential oils, 10 fatty plant oils and 4 vitamins, meaning it's also vegan friendly!
This is probably 2nd on my list as the most comfortable to wear, after the Bobbi Brown VEFB, featured above. It provides so much relief and comfort for super dry skin, and it keeps your foundation feeling like skin, and not like a hard mask. It protects your skin against the environmental with a moisturising layer that all helps your foundation melt into.

. The formula’s hydrating action helps to create a refined and re-texturised surface for makeup. Skin appears dewier, younger, and more luminous.



A luxurious product that offers more than just fancy pants packaging. This primer really does deliver and let me tell you, a little seriously goes a long way!! This is so refreshing, you can say it has a cooling effect when you first pop it on. Its smoothing, helps extend the wear of your foundation without leaving dry skin types feeling tight and crusty. It's formulated without Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates. 

It actually contains coconut water and coconut extract to keep the skin hydrated and looking younger - who doesn't love that?!