If there is an article titled "How to fake Bella Hadid's glow" I'm so clicking!

I'm all about the Hadid sisters and their effortless approach to beauty + their dewy skin. So on days when I don't want to be seen from space, I opt for an illuminating primer in place of a highlighter.

I think its more flattering for day wear and it's more forgiving on textured skin, especially if you use the primer just on the high points of your face.

Illuminating primers also help people like me, who have dull, dry skin to look more radiant and healthy. Everybody loves a healthy glow and not a reflective shine.


Here are my picks in the illuminating category




This is the best primer I have EVER used. It honestly makes all my foundations look glowy/dewy/luminous without feeling sparkly. It also feels really lightweight on so you don't feel like your foundation is going to slide off. Perfect after moisturiser. Cannot recommend enough. I mix it with my foundation and it goes on like a dream.
Definitely couldn't be without this primer!



Mecca describes this product as "beauty sleep in a bottle".

Lit From Within Illuminating Primer brightens and revives fatigued skin whilst perfectly priming and prepping the complexion for a flawless foundation application. With ultra-fine light diffusing particles and antioxidant protection, this instant skin beautifier glides on smoothly for visible radiance and sleep-defying luminosity. Our all-time favourite beauty booster, this must-have product leaves you prepped, primed and ready to glow.



If you're new to beauty OR you're in your teens, you probably haven't heard of the Clarins Flash Balm. This product has been around for ages and it's definitely worth every cent. 
I would describe this product as a "glow-maker" in a bottle. It's subtle, it's picks up the skin, giving it a well-rested look. A pea sized amount is all you need for your whole face. Drier and mature skin types will love this as a base under makeup or just on it's own. It's super nourishing, so when I'm short on time, I use this as both my base and skincare in one.



If you want to make it look like you're glowing from within, you're going to need this face base. I love Bobbi's base products because they are a beautiful balance of skincare and primer. The only illuminating base that helps controls shiny skin...yep you read that right! If you're looking to create run-way polished skin for an every day basis, this is your go-to!


5.  Cover FX Illuminating Primer

This is a silicone-free primer that helps to illuminate the skin, whilst giving it a soft-focus effect - the perfect two in one.
The pearls in this pigment are super fine, they bounce light of your skin so beautifully, you'd think it's just good genetics. 
If you're looking for a primer to do all the above, plus more. This primer also help to protect the skin from free radicals + brighten the complexion. It's also infused with Vitamins C & E. 


6. TOM FORD Illuminating Primer

This is a very luxe addition to this list. This is the ultimate combination of impeccable skincare and makeup together, creating the most amazing base for your foundation. This bottle, brightens, tones, improves the over all texture of your skin and helps  stimulate the repair cycle of your skin . If you want to fake a radiant glow but still provide a long-lasting base for your foundation, this is the products to use. You definitely get what you pay for with this base.