Colourpop over Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits

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Love the Kardashian/Jenner clan or not, you can't deny that this family is incredibly business savvy - what I like to call "BO$$ Ladies".

I admire Kylie Jenner for expanding her entrepenerual reach with Kylie Cosmetics. However, some products are a real miss for me, It may have the celebrity name but I do feel like the products aren't worth the price tag - sorry not sorry!

So it pretty much went downhill as soon as I placed my Kylie Cosmetics order. I was given no tracking number, no online invoice - nothing. I was told that my products would be shipped in two weeks, but 4 weeks later, the order had just been dispatched. I was not impressed!

It took forever to get her products and the novelty really did wear off. When I got my parcel, I wasn't really interested. The bad customer service left a funny taste in my mouth.


I'll give credit where credit's due, though. I love the lip shade range, it's so on trend, ranging from light nudes all the way to dark vampy shades. I'm currently crushing on 'Ginger' - it's the perfect burnt orange shade that suits most skin tones. The lip pencils are heavenly, I often use them all over as a lipstick because they are so creamy! But that's all the positive things I can say really...

So here are my over all thoughts on Kylie Cosmetic's Liquid Lipsticks.

  •  The lip products (singles and kits) are ridicoulsy overpriced 
  • For a large company selling out over 100k units, the customer service is poor.
  • Tracking details are provided 4 weeks later and
  • International orders take 1 month to arrive (if your lucky).

I call these types of products "Instagram makeup". This is a term that I use to describe products that look great for photography/ videography, but when used in "the real world", really don't do much for the consumer at all - they under perform.

The liquid lipsticks are so drying that after an hour, they need to be taken off completely to be reapplied. It looks and feels like they've cemented your lips. The deep lines are enhanced and it just feels terrible.

I would 100% recommend the Colourpop Cosmetics over the Kylie cosmetics. Shipping is less expensive, the product formulation is so much better and you get your order at a reasonable time- including international orders!

The colour that I'm wearing is Colourpop Cosmetics, Littlesticious - my favourite shade to date!