I've always wanted blemish-free, spot-free skin. I wished for it, some nights I even prayed for it because my genetics and my hormones never allowed for me to have smooth, acne-free skin.

My skin problems started early at the age of 12 (puberty hit me with the ugly skin stick).  My body started to change- I started to get lady lumps and face big face bumps. 

That was 13 years ago, As you can image, I've tried many foundations since the age of 14 and ever since, I've  been perfecting my application. Over the years I've tried some pretty amazing foundations and abosolutely horrendous ones. 

I've listed my most re-purchased, on high rotation foundations.
Keep in mind, I have a drier skin type, so these foundations won't necessarily work well on combination to oily skin types - they'll look great, maybe just not wear as long.



Here's the 7 Foundations I don't want to live life without...




I recently reviewed this foundation and put it side-by-side to the iconic Luminous Silk, you can red the full review here and watch the tutorial here. In a nut shell, I love this foundation and it has been my go to over the last few weeks. This foundation claims to have a revolutionary formula that stops caking and creasing. It has done all that and beyond by smoothing the appearance of my textured skin, creating a blurred skin look - highly recommend!

Shade range: 15 shades in Australia
Price: $99.00AUD



I've gone through 3 bottles of this foundation and I've tied my best to scrape every last drop out of the bottle - now that says ALOT.

It took me a while to actually come around to it when I first purchased this foundation. I had a real love-hate relations this guy. A a real bone to pick with him, some days. This foundation, in my opinion, wasn't sheer or glowy. I didn't understand the name.  But soon I had a sook and got over it, after seeing  how well it photographed. It provides amazing coverage and  It's so skin-like in photos. It catches the light in all the right areas, whilst staying put with a primer underneath and a light dusting of powder.

It's a lovely foundation that can be used everyday and for photographs - you will definitely get your moneys worth with this product.

Shade range: 18 shades in Australia
Price: $68.00AUD






It took what felt like a lifetime to get my hands on this foundation. It was sold out online and Australia doesn't stock this foundation in-store. After a couple of weeks of stalking Sephora and Look Fantastic, I managed to shop the right shade - 213.

If you have a yellow-greenish undertone, this foundation is perfecto! I use this foundation to create a skin-like, dewy base for everyday wear. It's comfortable and doesn't feel tight on drier skin-types.

This formula was designed to mimic the look of skin after a facial- crazy, right?! I often use this foundation to alter the shades of other foundation, making them look more yellow toned. It also give my fuller coverage foundation a little glow when I pump half of each.

Shade range: 7 shades
Price: $72.00AUD in Australia




I am on my second tube already. I didn't think anything by L'Oreal could "out-do" the True match, until the Infallble 24 hour matte came out with a bang. I love the look of satin skin. But don't let the name of this foundation fool you. This foundation gives you a very smooth, skin-like look with amazing coverage that feels so light weight. As a dryer skin type, this definitely took me by surprise. Textured skin-types will love the way this foundation smooths the appearance of open pores, acne scars and pitting. This gives you a lot more coverage than the True Match and for the price point, you'll be excited too!

Shade range: 7 shades in Australia
Price: $29.95AUD




Iconic for a reason. This foundation is super hydrating and creates the prettiest glow on the skin - like baby angel lights dancing on your face. It has a super silky feel that blends like a dream and its coverage is buildable. I like to use a blending or buffing brush to work this foundation into the skin. Beauty sponges tend to sheer out the coverage (the water in the beauty sponge sheers out the product).If you want the most, coverage wise, I'd stick to a trusty buffing brush.

Shade range: 15 shades in Australia
Price: $99.00AUD




This foundation gives the skin a healthy skin-like glow with an 8 hour of staying power, I often take this foundation with me on the go. It has a built-in sponge which I use to dots the foundation all over my face, before blending out with a mini, travel-size foundation brush. I love how radiant this foundation makes the skin look. Lets say you twisted/pumped out too much product. This foundation has been designed to retract the product, saving you from foundation wastage - genius! The only foundation of it's kind that I know.

Shade range: 16 Shades in Australia
Price: $58.00AUD



Dior Airflash
Foundation spray

Inspired by the art and application of airbrushing. This Dior Foundation has a unique air/mist delivery system for flawless application and unbelievable coverage. It has a velvety finish creating an airbrush canvas, hiding flaws and imperfections without looking caky. I personal spar a few dots around my face before blending the foundation in with a buffing brush for a glam, full-on look. Even though this foundation has a fuller coverage, it doesn't settle into my fine lines at all.

For everyday use, opt for a sponge. Sponges absorb the excess product and sheer out the foundation for a more skin-like look. 


Shade range: 3 shades in Australia
Price: $94.00 AUD


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