I know what you're thinking... " Not another Power Fabric review".

 To be fair, there's thousands online right now for you to read and watch. And, although I've seen my fair share of videos on this particular product, there wasn't a single video where this foundation was reviewed on very problematic skin.

I have dry, acne prone skin with lots of enlarged pores and skin texture that most teens have nightmares about. My skin is very uneven with lots of purple post-acne marks. I feel like I'm constantly chasing my tail - first with getting rid of my active breakouts and then it's dealing with the horrible scaring.


Luminous Silk

First of all, I love the formula of the luminous silk. This foundation gives me Gigi Hadid vibes every time I wear it. It's glowy, skin-like, light weight with decent coverage.

 Since this is a radiant, dewy foundation, its not very smoothing or forgiving on skin texture - unless you pop on a pore minimising primer underneath.

This foundation almost amplifies my skin texture, drawing attention to the least flattering areas of my skin - my enlarged pores, pitting and scaring from my acne. I do get away with using this foundation by adding concealer over top, here and there and setting with a loose translucent powder to mask the appearance of my pores.

I have also found that this shade range runs more on the orange side . I'm a shade #4 in the luminous silk. I don't have a deep complexion but, the shade range went too warm, too quickly.

I would usually buy two different shades of the same foundation if I couldn't find a good match. However, at $99.00AUD a bottle, I just couldn't afford it.


Power Fabric

I automatically had good vibes about this foundation and it all started from the moment I swatched  it on the back of my hand and then applied it on my face and neck at the Giorgio Armani counter. A PERFECT MATCH - undertone and everything. I feel like when a foundation matches you perfectly, you instantly love almost everything about it and when a shade is slightly off, you start criticising and knit-picking. You just can't see passed the limited shade range. 

I noticed that this foundation's shades ran a little lighter. I am a perfect shade of #4.5 in this range. 

In this review I applied my makeup around 7:30-8:00AM in the morning. The foundation gave my skin a smoother look, especially around the centre of my face. It looked flawless. This foundation however wasn't able to cover some of my darker post acne marks and larger active break-outs. In this review, I didn't apply any concealer over the top of my foundation- I wanted to see just how far this formula could go.


"POWER FABRIC combines full coverage with an ultra-light formula.Upon application,
the texture melts into the skin, effectively blurring imperfections with an incredibly lightweight
matte veil that feels like you'renot wearing make-up at all. With a SPF 25 filter, POWER FABRIC

offers effective daily UVA and UVB protection up to the promise of broad-spectrum SPF protection."


07:30 -  This is usually the time I apply my makeup in the mornings. To give this foundation a fair go, I stuck to my usual skincare and everyday primer - products that I know work really well with my skin type. I was expecting this foundation to be a really thick liquid but the consistency was quite runny and it felt very light- weight. I used a makeup buffing brush to buff and diffuse the foundation into my skin. The formula was quick and easy to blend it. I noticed straight away that this foundation smoothed the appearance of my acne prone skin - automatic tick! I set with my usual powder and proceeded to do my eyes and lips. 

11:51 -  I check back with you in my video review in the early afternoon. I had the foundation on for 4+ hours. The centre of my face was absolutely flawless. I do have an advantage here as I do have a dry skin type. Foundations tend to stay put on my skin. I even had my vision glasses on and my foundation didn't move at all. My skin looked smooth, cake-free and shine-free.

The same cant be said for the foundation on my cheek and jaw area. Just like the image in my thumbnail, I am constantly touching my face and rubbing off the foundation off that I applied - a life long bad habit. The foundation started to wear slightly on the sides of my face. However, the foundation did look good on my problematic skin.

16:45 - I finished up with work and  headed home to my camera in the late afternoon. The foundation once again stayed put towards the centre of my face. By the end of the day, the product on my cheeks and on my chin area had rubbed off. I do feel like this foundation could have performed better if it wasn't for my annoying habit of touching my face.



This foundation did everything it claims to do in the pamphlet. It didn't cake. It didn't settle in my fine lines (then again, I'm only 24). The centre of my face stayed on really well, even with my vision glasses coming on and off all day. The formula was very smoothing and it was a much more flattering foundation for my textured skin-type. 

As a drier skin type, I was concerned this foundation would  be over drying and uncomfortable. Would you believe me if i say I completely forgot I had makeup on, it was that light weight and skin-like. Armani Beauty describes this foundation as a mate finish. I disagree with this as throughout the day, even with setting powder, my skin had a nice glow in all the right places, again, very skin-like.

S U B S C R I B E ! Hi my angels, I wanted to film a review and demo on the NEW Giorgio Armani Power fabric Foundation. I saw this foundation mostly reviewed by people who don't have any skin issues.

If you're in two minds about this foundation, my best advice to you is to head to the counter and ask for a colour match / sample. Some makeup advisor will say they don't have sample pots, but it's always good to bring your own!

I would love to know your skin-type and your experience with this foundation. For those of you reading this review, I think having other peoples mini reviews and experiences down below would be very helpful.


Yours Faithfully,